Vision for our youth

The Creative Careers Program was designed with these main objectives:

1. To inspire youth to stay in high school by teaching them how to relate what they learn in school to the creative career programs.
2. To link curriculum to Massachusetts English Language Arts Curriculum Frameworks with student outcomes.
3. To increase students knowledge of technology.
4. To link the youth to colleges (regional and national) where they can study business, music, marketing and publishing careers.
5. To create high quality products (magazine and CDs) that show students the value of their own creative work, thereby building their self-esteem, confidence and knowledge.
6. To help students gain a pride and understanding of New Bedford by encouraging them to think about solutions to issues and by teaching them history of area
7. To help students face their issues, rather than letting these issues consume them or acting out irrationally or tragically, and express themselves in a healthy profound way

The goals to meet these objectives include:
1. To run four 8-week sessions teaching the students writing, song-writing, design, photography and magazine business, guitar, lyrics and songwriting, computer music, music business, etc. Each session will produce a piece for a publication and/or CD.
2. To distribute the publications and CDs throughout the South Coast to demonstrate the quality of their work and the quality of the region.
3. To plan at least four yearly concerts throughout the community where the youth can perform their music, poetry, dance, theater, etc.