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Finding the Music Within combines after-school, instrument instruction, recording, music production, songwriting, music business, and open forum classes with the creation and production of two full-length teen albums a year. Students learn how to market and manage their own “record company” along with the planning of two large-scale performances. Students learn skills in advertising, sales, teamwork, discipline, performance technique, and most of all gain self-confidence.

Music, above many other art forms, is one of the single most influential medias in people’s lives. It provides a soundtrack for some of our most memorable experiences in life. In many ways, we associate music with our image, persona, motivation and emotions. Music is an escape from some of the pressures and harshness of daily life. In today’s society, where much of the easily accessible music can closely be related to drug and alcohol use, casual sex, gang violence, melancholy and ironic disassociations with school and family, a program that combines positive expression with careers in music is a perfect avenue for inspiring youth while impacting them in a positive way. The opportunity to learn through music opens doors for all teens.

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